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Here you can find how MultiProxy evolved, what was new for every version and when every new version has been released in time:

v0.1 - v1.0:

v1.0, 10/11/2000:

  • option to maintain fixed IP address for each web-site (i.e. MultiProxy will use same proxy server for all pages within given web-site)
  • direct connection option with just one click (i.e. MultiProxy will directly connect to destination web-site bypassing all proxies)
  • right click on the system tray icon will bring up configuration menu
  • extensive help system explaining all configuration options

v0.91, 09/10/2000:

  • fixed crash when testing proxy servers
  • "force to be valid" can be performed on several servers now
  • fixed "proxy server list wasn't saved if MultiProxy didn't shutdown properly" problem
  • fixed Windows NT/2000 specific crash
  • fixed a bug in bulk and individual anonymity testing
  • anonymity testing via external web-sites is removed (numerous reports of abuses of this feature)
  • several minor bugs fixed

v0.8, 08/13/2000:

  • brand new menu system
  • you can override your IP address and host name
  • new anonymity test without relying on external web-sites
  • delete duplicate proxy servers with a single click
  • resolve unknown host names by their IP addresses
  • improved compatibility with Windows 2000

v0.75, 07/05/2000:

  • JunkBuster environment checker link fixed
  • drop connection if no data received during specified time (advanced options)
  • edit proxy servers from the list
  • several minor bug-fixes

v0.7, 06/23/2000:

  • Detailed connections log file
  • Status window can stay on top of other windows
  • Major resource leak fixed, will greatly improve stability

v0.65, 06/12/2000:

  • "won't save proxy list" bug fixed
  • MultiProxy should consume up to 30% less memory
  • updated anonymity checker's URL

v0.6, 06/01/2000:

  • ability to add and delete individual proxy servers
  • ability to test selected proxy server, if it is blocking specified URL or not
  • improved amonymity detection
  • ability to export anonymous or all proxy list in text format
  • settings are saved in registry now
v0.5, 05/16/2000:
  • Core networking code rewritten, should improve speed and stability.
  • Proxy list import bug fixed.
  • Ability to disable individual or group of proxy servers.
  • Network activity indication by taskbar icon animation.
  • Proxy server latency is updated real-time now.
  • Default port changed to 8088. Several minor fixes.

v0.4, 05/08/2000:

  • More options (connect-via selection, server order, start minimized, etc. etc.)
  • "Non-blocking connect()" and "can't close the program" bugs fixed

v0.3, 05/05/2000:

  • Extensive options screen + list of all proxy servers in use
  • Improved anonymity detection
  • Several minor bugs fixed

v0.2, 04/28/2000:

  • Minimize to taskbar tray
  • Several minor bugs fixed

v0.1, 04/24/2000:

  • Initial release

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