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Free Proxy List

updated: 11-Feb-2009

Download latest version of MultiProxy here

To search for a proxy server, enter its type (anonymous proxy or regular proxy), top domain for the proxy and the proxy port, and then click "search". Any of the search parameters can be omitted.

Search proxy list:
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The following proxy servers are not verified to be non-transparent and they can't be used for anonymous surfing. But if all you care is to find a fast proxy server here is the list for you:

Disclaimer: this list is provided for information purposes only. Use it on your own risk. Legally you need to ask a permission to use any of the proxy servers in this list. I shall not be responsible for any damages of any kind arising out of use of these servers and the list itself.

How does proxy surfing work?
Anonymous web surfing works by putting a proxy server between the user and the web site. Your web browser talks to the proxy server, and the proxy server talks to the web site. The web site does not know who you are, it only knows who the proxy server is. The proxy server does know who you are, so you better choose a proxy server that you trust.

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